As a construction company which has signed unique works with its projects add value to the region with the most assertive state of comfort and luxury offers to investors with different projects such as Beykoz Housing and Ortaköy Housing Projects.

Considering its projects and customer satisfaction, İbrahimli Yapı, one of the most reliable construction companies in Gaziantep, continues to mention about its quality with new housing projects. As a construction company which has signed unique works with its projects add value to the region with the most assertive state of comfort and luxury offers to investors with different projects such as Beykoz Housing and Ortaköy Housing Projects.

What does İbrahimli Yapı pay attention to its projects in the name of comfort and peace?

Among the biggest problems of cities, one of the most disturbing elements is the increasing pressure of the suffocating and noisy living spaces on people. This makes everyday city life stressful and restless. Whereas, from A to Z, the extraordinary living spaces designed with every step of thought from the selection of a project to the details of the project take people away from this stress.

One of the best examples of this matter is Beykoz Housing and Ortaköy Housing built by İbrahimli Yapı. The projects attract attention with their comfortable living spaces, unusually large and spacious garden designs and many other usage advantages. It is no coincidence that these houses, which have a unique architecture, started the construction process by İbrahimli Yapı, which is well-known as a reliable construction company in Gaziantep has attraction!

In our interview on this subject, we ask İbrahim Yapı Board Chairman Muharrem Atmaca about our new projects;

Why Expatriates and Domestic Housing Investors Prefer İbrahimli Yapı?

And why is the sale of the 70th part of İbrahimli Yapı Projects realized before the construction process is completed?

Atmaca enters the subject as follows; İbrahimli Yapı continues to actualize original and different conceptual housing projects by fulfilling its promises one by one with its strong financial structure and planned work since its establishment. Since 2005, İbrahimli Yapı, which is known as a reliable construction company that produces original projects in its region to design more livable areas, continues to make a difference in the construction sector, he says.

Atmaca, inşaat sektöründe güven veren  yenilikçi bir firma olmamızın yanında gelişime önem veren bir kadromuz bulunmaktadır diyerek konuya şöyle bir açıklama getiriyor:

“İbrahimli Yapı has always adopted a customer-oriented, trust and satisfaction principle. For this reason, not only domestic investors but also expatriates show great interest to our projects. Many of our customers who invest in our previous projects also invest in our new projects as they achieve the high profitability rates they expect from our old projects. In this sense, our repetitive customer ratio is quite high compared to the market, which means that the trust in our company is received by investors.

In addition, the fact that we make detailed analyzes on the rapidly developing locations of cities and make projects for the fastest developing and premium points of the city in the near future increases the value of our company in the eyes of buyers and investors. ” he says.

Atmaca also includes the following statements about the subject:

“İbrahimli Yapı Müteahhitlik aims to be the most equipped in its field since its establishment. Therefore, it gives importance to experience and knowledge. The combination of advanced technology and efficient workforce is one of the most important factors in the success of our projects. Being open to innovation and development is one of the main reasons why our company can produce comprehensive and responsive projects. Of course, the realization of the right project in the right location at the right time is one of the features that affect the buyers highly.

It can easily be said that İbrahimli Yapı construction company is not just a building-construction company. Therefore, it aims to identify the best investment areas in order to design the most ideal and comfortable spaces for the buyers. For those who will purchase housing for investment purposes, Ibrahimli Yapı works with economic experts, architects, civil engineers and expert consultants. City planners are also part of the project team. In this way, it is possible to construct the most strategic investment areas in the most aesthetic way in line with the expectations of our customers. The main objective is to build customer trust in this healthy working process. In this way, most of our projects can be sold while still under construction. Our priority is to build “solid as rock” structures that have been tested for robustness, so to speak, as required by laws and regulations. As well as luxury, comfortable and long-term living structures to build and life safety factor is among our primary priorities. 

Which parts of Gaziantep are your projects located in?

The last two projects of our company which is known for its work in Gaziantep and surrounding campuses are located in Beylerbeyi Fıstıklı Neighborhood and Gaziantep Akkent Karataş Region. Ortaköy Housing is located in Beylerbeyi Fıstıklı Neighborhood, while Beykoz Housing is located in Gaziantep Akkent Karataş Neighborhood.

Akkent Karataş Region is easily accessible from the center. When the project location is considered, it is seen that it is located very close to the O-54 Gaziantep Ring Road connection. Being close to Gaziantep City Hospital and having educational institutions around it provides a great advantage for health and education needs. It also attracts attention with its bazaar, shopping malls and cafes around for social activities and transportation to other social areas. In short, Akkent is the ideal location for Beykoz Housing for all basic and social needs that a person may need during his / her life.

Ortaköy Housing is in a very advantageous location in terms of location and in terms of transportation facilities in the center of the city and in terms of calmness outside the city. It is also close to tramway stops, shopping malls, hospital projects, educational institutions and many social equipment areas. It is possible to lead a safe life in the Beylerbeyi area, which is known for its closeness to the highway and organized industrial zones. One of the most advantageous features of the region is that it is close to the main arteries, while the city center can be reached in 10 minutes, while the new stadium can be reached in 3 minutes. Due to the main artery connections, it is 15 minutes away from Gaziantep University, which significantly reduces the time spent on the road for students and university staff.

The fact that housing projects are functional and have luxury designs is a factor that makes the sale easier. However, as well as the comfort of living spaces, it is important to have easy access to working areas, public spaces, education and health institutions and to be close to important transportation connections. For this reason, the location of the projects should be made by considering everything that should be around a living space. The projects built in the right place in terms of location are among the most profitable investment tools for the future of you and your children. Therefore, as a result of the feasibility studies conducted with our expert team, which have a high profitability rate investing in regions that are expected to make premiums in the future attracts more interest from investors.

İbrahim Yapı’s mission is not only to sell comfortable and luxurious houses, but also to provide profitable investment to their customers and to provide opportunities to investors by selecting project areas in developing and premium regions so that they can invest in other projects with the confidence that will be formed after each profitable investment.

Bu anlamda projenin maksimum karlılığı açısından projenin bölge analizleri, şehrin büyüme ve gelişme yönleri, altyapı olanakları, ana arterlerle olan bağlantısı, bölgenin nüfus artış oranları, planlanan kamusal yatırımlar ve bunların bölgeye ve yatırım yapacakları gayrimenkullere olan katkıları gibi sayabileceğimiz bir çok etmenin her birinin analizlerinin çok detaylı yapılıp göz önünde bulundurularak tüm projelerimiz oluşturulmaktadır” diyen Atmaca konut yatırımında özellikle nelere dikkat edildiğini  vurguluyor.

In this sense, in terms of maximum profitability of the project, regional analysis of the project, growth and development aspects of the city, infrastructure opportunities, connection with the main arteries, population growth rates of the region, planned public investments and their contribution to the region and the real estate to be invested in each of the many factors we created all of our projects by considering in these detail.” Says Atmaca emphasizes what is particularly important in housing investment.